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VIP (Very Important Package) Processing Upgrade.

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Handmade after you order and ships Via USPS

VIP (Very Important Package) Upgrade. *Skip to the front of the line & get your order ASAP

Demand for our custom handcrafted products is at an all time high, so it takes some time for our artisans to make them. Typically, turn around is 3-5 weeks; however, when demand is high, it can take 6-8+ weeks to get our handcrafted products delivered ... it's simple supply & demand.

VIP customers can skip to the front of the line and typically get their orders within 2-3 weeks (or 3-4 weeks when demand is extremely high). If you typically fly first class (or pay for early boarding), valet your car (rather than walking a few blocks to park on the street), pay for toll roads (rather than sitting in rush hour traffic) ... then you're probably gonna want VIP Express Service

VIP Express Service is only $20 extra ... and will shave off 1-2 weeks off your package delivery time.